As aformentioned, Golden Fox Software started with one ambitious and creative young mind which was exposed to movies, video games and almost every other form of media since childhood. The main difference being that the budget used for creating AAA games is not used here, but love, passion and an undying wish to create something new, is.


Because of this love, Mortal Kombat: War of the Realms was the debut game of Golden Fox Software - to pay homage to a beloved franchise, but also to create something that the franchise had never seen yet, a different take on the familiar formula.


New Eden, on the other hand, is a different beast - one with 40,000+ followers that was named the "most buzzing game of April 2018"*, and also the one that put Golden Fox Software on many horizons.



As many stories, our story begins humbly - with one person which decided to start a game studio. After years of operating under many different names,  Golden Fox Software was finally conceived in the early 2015, in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.


Years later, with more than a thousand followers on Facebook and worldwide recognition, professionalism and a wish to bring you video games that will be remembered for years to come, Golden Fox Software is not just another studio - it is a dream factory, with every product made with immeasurable attention to detail and an undying love and passion.



Over the course of years that it has existed, Golden Fox Software changed the location of its "headquarters" multiple times. What started as a laptop on a small desk in a room with around 10 likes on Facebook, turned into an ever-growing studio with more than a 1000 likes and recognition among many amateur and indie developers in the world - which it recognizes back.


Currently operating from an apartment, close to the Jarun lake in Zagreb, after relocating thrice during its lifetime, Golden Fox Software is much more than just one corner in an apartment.



To this day, "we" are still a studio run by only one person, with help from the outside sources and people, but soon, all of that may change. Every vision grows over time - and so should this one.