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It is the 24th century - planet Earth is dying and the human race is, along with every other species on the planet, facing extinction!


Hex Oldun, a rich, yet unknown company, builds New Eden, a ship designed to host 6000 people - the future of the human race and take them to Eden 1, a planet with conditions similar to those of planet Earth.


Create your character and join the 200-year-long journey to Eden 1, upon which people are expected to fall in love and propagate, so that their children's children could colonize Eden 1.


Explore the massive ship of New Eden, live out your life on it and discover the story and the reasons that led to such a catastrophic course of events on our old planet.


Join the journey!




  • a massive ship to explore and live your life on
  • an emotional story with more than 50 main quests
  • hours of side content
  • a personalized experience - a character creator and a home decoration system
  • dozens of activities, secrets and fun things to do and find