Are you a fan of New Eden and an avid bookworm?


If you are, have we got just the thing for you! Now you can have New Eden-themed bookmarks! The files to make them and a tutorial on how to make them (because they are more than just two pieces of paper glued together) are all featured in the download file below.


With 5 different characters personalizing them on one side, with a message and a beautiful, starry background on the other with a New Eden logo, you'll surely have a favorite.


Give it a try and personalize your books with a flare of Golden Fox Software!

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Listen to the soundtrack that accompanies you on your journey while playing New Eden. All 23 original tracks from the game, together in one place.  The future was never catchier!


Note: this doesn't include the "remixed" versions of the tracks from the game (as there are different variations of the same tracks), only the originals.

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